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Lambretta The Story of the 1963 Lambretta 150cc

My husband Bob always talked about getting a Lambretta, so when I went to visit my family for Easter in 2001 I was talking to my cousin Franco about the Lambretta's and he said he thought he knew where one was, so we walked to the next block where he introduced me to the man who had a Lambretta. After my cousin talked to him he said let me show you what I have. After seeing the scooter I asked him if he wanted to sell it.

The Lambretta was bought in Marigliano Naples( Italy) from this older man who had worked for Lambretta factory for 20 yrs. The scooter had been sitting in his garage for 10+ years. Upon discussing if he would be interested in selling it he, tuned it up and drove it down the street for me, so I knew it was driveable.

Alloccos LambretaThat, was only the beginning of its journey to the USA. I then went to the embassy in Napies to get all the necessary paper work needed to ship it to the US. Next I had to have a crate made to specs. To get it shipped. When it was done my cousin escorted the scooter toNaples and made sure it got on the ship, at my request prior to me leaving Italy. When it arrived in New York harbor, I was on and off the phone for 3 days with customs. Every time they called it was for more info and money. Finally they released the scooter for its next journey to S.F. Dock.

My husband then went to meet the truck in S.F. And the driver told him he had to take the crate apart before he would take the scooter off the truck. After several hours the scooter was in its new garage where it has been or past 10 years until we decided to put it on displlay in the bakery for everyone to enjoy.
It cost several times more then what I payed for it. With customs the way it is now since 911, 1 would have second thoughts.


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